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I Kit ingår 2 ventiler samt 2 st ventilfjädrar.Dessa ersätter original ventiler Stålventiler är inslipnings bara . (med slippasta).Kits replace the OEM val

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I Kit ingår 2 ventiler samt 2 st ventilfjädrar.

Dessa ersätter original ventiler 

Stålventiler är inslipnings bara . (med slippasta).

  • Kits replace the OEM valves and valve springs
  • Steel, nitrided valves for increased durability and less wear under extreme conditions
  • Stronger valve springs deal with the extra weight of the steel valves
  • Springs are made from premium chrome vanadium steel for higher performance and durability at high rpm
  • Kits contain a set of steel intake or exhaust valves plus a set of specially designed valve springs; can be installed using the OEM retainers, bases and valve seals